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Ed Robinson

Some say the third is a charm, but The Awakening may prove that the fourth is as charming as they get. This album sits squarely on the fence between Roots Reggae and Lovers Rock and represents another start-to-finish ear pleaser. The first single to be released, “I Can’t Go On Prentending”, is a special tribute to love and honesty that guarantees Mr. Robinson a spot on every smart DJs playlist. Its heartfelt confession will ring true to every man who ever felt he couldn’t admit his feelings. “Get Up Stand Up and Dance” is an up tempo reminder that we’d better make time to enjoy the music and live our lives because life is short. The message in both “Stand Firm” and “Never Give Up” tells listeners to hold the faith because “Jah is in control” of everything. His vocal style in “Let Me Be the One” ranks with Reggae’s best crooners and a serious horn section lends this track a vintage feel. In the tradition of conscious Reggae music this album is grounded in love and strength. The production on The Awakening is smooth and shows the experience of a tried and tested musician


Elijah Europeas uprising reggae artist first draw attention internationally when he won the European Reggae Contest at Rototom Sunsplash in 2008 . Rototom is the most important Reggae festival on the European continent. Every year, hundreds of aspiring artists from all over Europe are applying, only the best of them are invited to show down on the festival's stages, In 2008, the winner was nominated after he had delivered a captivating live show: Elijah with his backing band, The Dubby Conquerors. This victory was well noticed by the European Reggae community, and Elijah & The Dubby Conquerors were invited to play festivals in Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Spain. Elijah released his debut Album "Beweg di (make a move)" in 2007, an original reggae album In Swiss patois (his mother tongue) combining his culture with authentic reggae riddims. The Album Contains songs like "Sie isch wäg" where hit the swiss radio and tv stations. In 2009, Elijah showed is versatility and signed for the first time as a producer, showing further skills by presenting the 'Naturality' riddim selection, featuring artists from Jamaica, Gambia, Italy, Germany and even Poland. Learning fast and moving quickly, the singer Elijah is now working on his first English album, spreading his message globally. Typically Swiss, he is looking for the best in quality – and does so in Jamaica, the home and foundation of reggae music. Here, he is happy to team up with the legendary producers Bobby Digital and John John. Elijah (Elia Salomon, born 1986 in Zurich, Switzerland) is full of respect when he is talking about these Jamaican sound giants: 'These men have produced some of my all-time favorite songs. Their music is not only big in Jamaica, but also all over the world. I am very happy that I can enjoy working with Bobby Digital and John John, thus stepping forward to reach my next level of creation. Also, I think it is important that we, the creative people and the artists, show that unity is the key for developing new ways and possibilities.' "Do Good in Life" will be released worldwide through the legendary UK Label Coptic Lion on 7inch and the Mp3 is digitally distributed by I-Musician. For more information please check www.elijahmusic.net

Jumat, 28 Oktober 2011

Dubtonic KRU

Born to a place that is known for breeding and cultivating musicians, "Jubba" originates from the South Central part of Jamaica. It was clear at a very young age that music ran through his veins, when he began singing and playing on pots and pans around his home. By the time "Jubba" finished high school he was already performing on professional stages and taking every opportunity to play music. After high school, he made a move to solidify his career as a musician by enrolling in the Edna Manley College of Visual & Performing Arts. Coming from different parts of Jamaica, the members of Dubtonic Kru, individually have been exposed to a variety of musical genres over the years. The founding members of Dubtonic Kru are Deleon “Jubba” White and Strickland “Stone” Stone, a dynamic Drum & Bass duo who, over the years have contributed to the development of modern Roots Reggae with their unique sound and approach that intertwines Jubba’s mesmorizing Reggae/Jazz Fusion drumming with Stone’s groovy, yet pulsating bass lines. The Kru has gained about a decade and a half of experience from touring and or recording with the legendary likes of Max Romeo, U-Roy, Burning Spear, The Mighty Diamonds as well as modern day artistes such as Bushman, Junior Kelly, Richie Spice, Lutan Fyah and Voicemail to name a few… One of the significant milestones in their careers was the composition of the “I Swear” rhythm, a rhythm that took the Reggae arena by storm, which featured Chuck Fenda’s “I Swear” and Richie Spice’s "Marijuana” to name a few. The Kru became a more complete music machine with the addition of longtime friend and versatile guitarist Jallanzo, who also added his strong vocal ability as well a young and very talented Luke Dixon on work stations. Another turning point of the group’s dynamic came with the addition of very unique and powerful singer to round out the already electrifying dub compositions with some- times spoken words by Jubba. Kamau, “the Quiet Warrior”, who already has one album and two popular singles to his credit “Sight a Revolution” and “Goodbye Babe” under the Island Treasure label, brings a revolutionary voice to the Kru. Their songs and spoken words are consciously thought provoking, while their rhythm/dub section walks through the passage of time with a gritty sound that rolls stones and breaks fences. This past summer, 2009, Dubtonic Kru once again stepped out on European soil, The Kru bonded with audiences through remarkable performances and further solidified their place in the Music Industry. Dubtonic Kru is dedicated to raising the bar and keeping it interestingly spontaneous. Stay tuned!

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill

The new heroes of the spaghetti western are from Switzerland! They are riding their monster dub through the urban jungle of the 21st century! Since 2003 DUB SPENCER & TRANCE HILL has been part of the European Dub scene. In 2006 the German label with cult status „Echo Beach"(Dub Syndicate, Seeed, King Tubby...) signed DUB SPENCER & TRANCE HILL and released their first album „Nitro" which received critical acclaim. The influential German Reggae magazine „Riddim" voted „Nitro" „Dub Album of the month", and compares the Band with the legendary "Dub Syndicates". Dub Spencer & Trance Hill played over a hundred club- and festivalshows, including Summerjam Köln, Reggae Summer Chiemsee, Telerama Dub Festival Paris, Fusion Festival, Gurten Festival, Jazzfestival Willisau and Schaffhausen, Weedbeat Reggae Festival, Reeds Reggae Festival and many more. Press Quotations: „.... psychedelic Reggae...highly addictive. " "This is out of sight! The drums sound fantastically original, the bass reminds of Bill Laswell, their combination of trance and dub is unique!" "It is amazing how Dub Spencer & Trance Hill use the elements of Dub to take wild rides into the distance"

Dr. Ring Ding

Dr. Ring Ding.. a.k.a. Richie Senior was born in 1970 in Münster, Germany to a multi-cultural and musical household. His introduction to music began with singing along with his family and learning a variety of instruments. From 1987 on he played the trombone in the horn section of ..El Bosso & die Ping Pongs.., one of Germanys most famous Ska bands and the only one of its time which sang in German. From this experience he came to love Jamaican music. .. Around Christmas of 1992 Richie formed his own band, ..Dr. Ring Ding & the Senior Allstars... Over the next ten years they would release five albums, numerous singles and two albums as the backing band for ..Doreen Shaffer (JA).. and ..Lord Tanamo (JA).., and in doing so made their mark on the international Ska scene. .. ..Dr. Ring Ding.. is a popular live performer, studio musician, arranger and producer in many different music genres such as Swing, Rhythm & Blues, Chanson, Hip Hop, and Punk, but, above all, in Reggae, Dancehall and Ska. .. His cooperation with German Reggae producer ..HP Setter.. was immortalized on the solo dub album ..Big Tings.. and on the compilation ..Riddim In Exile... His work with the Rock crossover band ..H-Blockx.. secured him a hit with the tune ..Ring Of Fire.., which went to number 13 on the German charts (respectively number 9 in the Austrian Charts) in the summer of 2000. Further collaborations with ..H-Blockx.. followed; among others on the title track of their album ..Get In The Ring (2002).., which boxing world champion ..Sven Ottke.. selected as his entrance music. .. ..Dr. Ring Ding.. has also made spectacular contributions to single selections for national and international producers: ..Doctors Darling (Germaica Records).. went to the top 20 of the German Black Music Charts at the end of 2002, was released in Jamaica and found its way on the VP-label's "Riddim Driven - Doctor's Darling Compilation", and the German language ..Vom Vatter (Germaica Records).. appeared on numerous Reggae compilations. .. ..Dr. Ring Ding.. has performed live all over Europe and North America (and also did shows in Asia). He has appeared alongside many veterans of Jamaican music (..Bob Andy, Doreen Shaffer, Phyllis Dillon, Hopeton Lewis, Derrick Morgan.. and ..Dennis Alcapone.., just to name a few), and has played in the horn section of the New York Ska band ..The Toasters.. on several USA- and European tours. .. 2004 saw him tour the United States and Canada twice as a part of the infamous ..Ska Mob 2004.., performing alongside Washington DC's own ..Eastern Standard Time.. and his longtime pal ..King Django... .. In the november of 2005, he had the pleasure and the privilege to play the trombone at eight shows in Europe for the ..Skatalites.., world famous "inventors" of Ska music... .. Television and radio appearances in Germany, Spain, France, Hungary, The Netherlands and the US have helped spread the positive vibes that emanate from ..Dr. Ring Ding... As a deejay, singer and/or trombonist, he has appeared on a great number of albums from international Ska, Reggae, Rock and Hip Hop artists, such as: ..Stubborn Allstars (New York), Soul Kid Click (New York), Curse (Germany), Adjusters (Chicago), H-Blockx (Germany), Toasters (New York), Dog Eat Dog (Washington, DC), Italo Reno & Germoney (Germany), Spook & the Guay (France).. and many more .. Additionally he has appeared as deejay or MC with famous sound systems all over Europe, the USA and Russia. .. In brief, ..Dr. Ring Ding.. lives music, particularly the music of Jamaica! As one of the first performers in Germany who bridge the Ska and Reggae scenes, he has opened many ears and hearts for the Good Vibes of his favorite sounds

Anything I listen to really influences me in one way or another. What I like, I try to include, what I don't like, I try to exclude. The fact that I like and listen to a lot of different music types such as Latin, Classical, Country and Western, Blues, Swing, Chanson, Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul, World Music et al definitely influences the way I look at and perform Ska and Reggae. .. The Ska style is influenced by the recordings of the originators - the bands and musicians and producers that started the sound in early sixties Jamaica such as the Skatalites, the Supersonics, Desmond Dekker, Toots Hibbert, Bob Marley, Justin Hinds, Lord Creator, Winston Francis, Prince Buster, Coxsone Dodd, Duke Reid and many more... .. The Deejay/Dancehall/Rub-A-Dub styles of the originators and eighties-performers are another strong influence. The range of people spanning from I Roy, U Brown, Dillinger and Prince Far-I to Josey Wales, Yellowman and later Cutty Ranks, as well as the Britain based Tippa Irie, Daddy Freddy and Macka B

Don Carlos Reggae

Don Carlos (born Euvin Spencer), Legendary Reggae Artist - Born and raised in one of the most deprived regions of Western Kingston, Jamaica. A district notoriously known as Waterhouse, which incidentally is also the musical spawning ground for many of Reggae's greatest ever talents, such as King Tubby, Black Uhuru, The Jays, Junior Reid, and King Jammy, to name a few.

Don Carlos started his singing career in 1965 in conjunction with other artists and quickly moved on to creating solo singles. In 1972, Don moved into a trio as one of the original contributors of Black Uhuru, alongside other founding members, Garth Dennis who later went on to joining the Wailing Souls, and Derrick Ducky Simpson. Two years after the trio's groundbreaking debut, the group split in different directions and Don continued to pursue a solo career.
Within three years, developing his song writing and grooming his distinctive vocal style, Suffering was released in May 1981. This strong release took the industry by storm, courtesy of a heavy roots and culture flavored showcase for the Negus Roots label. 

This album was a massive hit in Africa, selling in unprecedented numbers. At this time, he worked alongside Gold, his co-writer, and back up vocalist. Together, they brought through such timeless creations as Harvest Time, Day to Day Living, Them Never Know A Natty Dread Have Credentials, between 1980 to 1984. Don continued on with more releases including Laser Beam, Raving Tonight, Never Run Away, Just A Passing Glance, Ghetto Living, and Deeply Concerned.

During the eighties, Don was a popular artist in the Dance Hall scene with numerous top ten hits between 1982 - 1985, such as: Late Night Blues, Nice Time Tonight, Dice Cup, Hog & Goat, I'm Not Getting Crazy, Fight Fight Fight, Traveling, Laser Beam, Johnny Big Mouth and Spread Out. Don is still churning out solid, melodic roots reggae. Other titles in his rich catalogue include Roots and Culture, Pure Gold, Spread Out, Plantation, Slow Down Vol.3, Prophecy, Firehouse Clash, Ras Portraits, Head to Head, Jah Light, Live in San Francisco (2002), and Special Edition to name a few.

There's an old saying in the music industry that claims: What goes around, comes back around. In Don's case, a request from Duckie for Don to continue his former role as lead vocalist in a rejuvenated Black Uhuru reunion resulted in another strong Black Uhuru album - Now. 1989 marked the reunion of the original vocal trio with Don, Garth and Duckie. After six years- 1989-1994 - and four albums, singing lead for Black Uhuru in the studio, and on the road, Don again went back to his solo career. His other titles with Black Uhuru include Mystical Truths, Iron Storm and Strong. All of these four albums are classics with Don up front on lead vocals. In addition, each of four titles were nominated for Grammy Awards.

After the Black Uhuru reunion, Don continued to show his inspiration thorugh his albums Changes, Ease Up, Seven Days A Week, Groove Wtih Me and Live in San Francisco. During this time Don kept on touring and in the new millennium he joined forces with the California based Reggae Angels for four years. He continues to tour the world successfully with his band, DUB VISION.

Deva Bratt

In 2007, the world acclaimed WAR FACTORY, Deva Bratt, shook the dancehall with intense lyrical content, and hits like “Bungle a Gyal”, and “Bag a Talking/ Gussy Clarke”. The deejay is most notably remembered for a lyrical war erupting between himself and 3 other dancehall artists. Mr.“Actually! Factually!” born in Kingston Jamaica, musical wheels have been turning long before 2007, the year that without being signed to an official recording deal, Deva Bratt delivered two 1 international hits, “Bungle a Gyal” and “Bag a Talking/Gussy Clarke”. However in 2008 the Deejay’s career was challenged with ridicule and controversy. Like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, Deva Bratt continues overcome adversity and maintains skill, star status, popularity, and respect. Deva Bratt founded "Portmore Empire" along with artiste Nuclear, Shawn Storm, Doza Medicine, Black Rhyno, First Lady Omeil, Vybz Kartel, and the late great Craig Dennis. With tune after tune of lyrical fire, Deva Bratt has proved to be one of the most sought, and talented deejays in the business. Deva Bratt has performed and colaborated with the ever popular Mad Cobra, Frisco Kidd, and has also combined his artistry talents with hot reggae artists like I-Wayne, Gyptian and BascomX. In 2009 Deva Bratt Linked Up With Dj Stunna and Must Rich Records and is now working on building back his career as one of the premiere dance hall acts in the world, alot of people are waiting for the album and they won't be disappointed in 2009 alot of new singles and alot of promotions will be done. Krucial Konflict and Must Rich Records alongside Weed City Entertainment will make this possible keep posted for the latest on DEVA's Career....

Sumber : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deva-Bratt/113630878663247

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